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Direct marketing is a form of advertising that reaches its audience without using traditional formal channels of advertising, such as TV, newspapers or radio. Businesses communicate straight to the consumer with advertising techniques such as fliers, catalogue distribution, promotional letters, and street advertising.

Email marketing common mistakes: the 40/40/20 rule reinvented

What is the 40-40-20 rule in direct marketing and email marketingThe late direct marketing dean Ed Mayer first thought of the 40-40-20 rule. He originally said that the success of your direct marketing effort is

  • 40% target audience,
  • 40% offer/message and
  • 20% creativity. 

For email marketing activities that is the case as well. But most marketers tend to overemphasize the creativity part.

For successful email marketing campaigns I would like to divide the 20% into two parts: namely creativity and deliverability. The latter covers a number of issues relating to the more technical aspects of email marketing.

While it is not difficult to go from poor email marketing deliverability rates to high email marketing deliverability rates, it does require some work and – most importantly – focus. And remember getting into your subscribers Mind Box is still the single most important objective.

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So in summary, I think the effort you put into your next email marketing campaign or email newsletter should be distributed as follows:

  • 40% target audience (whom are you trying to reach, what are their interests, what have they purchased previously etc.)
  • 40% offer/message (delivering compelling and interesting content to your target audience – don’t forget to pay extra attention to your copy)
  • 10% deliverability (how to get your message successfully delivered to your target audience, avoiding spam filters, establishing trust etc.)
  • 10% creativity (the look-and-feel of the email message itself, subject line would be part of offer/message)

These numbers assumes that you already have your basics in place in terms of a good basic knowledge of your target audience.  And that you have a solid setup in place that allows you to profile your target audience and leverage customer and prospect data as part of your segmentation and targeting plan.

If you are new to email marketing, it is very likely that you should focus even more of your resources on your target audience.

If you want to learn more about email marketing and what you can do to increase your email marketing results, look here:

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Michael Leander appeared to have been a hit at Drayton Bird’s EADIM in London

If you have been following my for a while, you will know that I frequently publish audience ratings of my presentations, courses and seminars. And I finally got around to do just that for EADIM 2009.

At EADIM delegates rated speakers on a scale from bad to excellent. 15 delegates were kind enough to pass their judgment upon poor little ol me. 8 said excellent, 6 said very good, and 1 said good. I translate that to a rating of 4,47.

Delegates rated me “very good to excellent”, here is my evaluation of the delegates
I recently began rating my audiences. Why? Because it takes two to Tango. Especially in an exclusive program such as EADIM. So here is my evaluation of the delegates at EADIM:

Willingness to interact: 4,5
Ability to pay attention: 4,7 (only one person had trouble staying awake, a new record for me:-)

One of the best audiences I’ve had in 2009, and I am quite happy that I have been able to meet up with a few of them since EADIM.

Drayton Bird claims testimonials are important – I believe him
Some delegates were kind enough to write a few words about me & my presentation (thanks).A few below – and even more on my Linkedin profile.

“Very well presented; kept the audience involved the whole time. The information
was all very relevant.”
Sheetal Vithlani

“Love it! ”
Tim Piadea

“I was amazed by the simplicity of the complicated online world.”
Raul Man

“Fabulous – humour/energy. Usefulness.”

“Useful tips; Entertaining speaker. ”
Mark Ellis

What in the world is EADIM?
In case you haven’t heard about EADIM – you can read more about this wonderful initiative by Drayton Bird – by many regarded as one of the most knowledgeable direct marketers in the world. He is also the author of Commonsense Direct Marketing, which currently ranks #5 on Amazon’s list of all time best selling books about direct marketing. Quite an accomplishment – especially considering that the first edition was published in 1982.

Best students – best teachers

Right to left: Ken McCarthy, Drayton Bird,
Ales Lisac and Michael Leander

It was my pleasure to present at the first EADIM in Brussels in 2008. And I sincerely believe that the “students” who choose to join EADIM are the best students I have met in Central and Northern Europe.

Not only because they are highly interesting individuals. But also because they are serious, bright and very talented . Not to mention – very smart. But also because the teachers (that’s what the speakers are called at EADIM), are amongst the best money can buy (myself excluded, of course). You won’t find any pretenders amongst the teachers. Every single one of them have “been there, done that” and are quite willing to share their profound knowledge.

I think EADIM will start a new group of students in 2010. Not sure when, how, €$£ and the program – but check the website and register for their newsletter and I am sure they will get in touch with you

“You appear to have been a hit” – that’s what Kate Jones of Drayton Bird Associates wrote to me today. She referred to my presentation at the intro week of EADIM – The European Academy of Direct & Interactive Marketing – which took place in London in October 2009.

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Michael Leander talks to Oystein Svarod in Norway

Michael Leander talked to award winning direct marketer Oystein Svarod at Akerbrygge in Oslo, Norway. Check out what Oystein had to say.

Michael Leander meets Oystein Svarod in Oslo, Norway from Michael Leander on Vimeo.

You can learn more about Oystein’s company Svaröd Direct (one of Michael Leander’s very competent partners) оформить кредитную карту онлайн втб

Michael Leander talks to Edward Weatherall from Concep London

Edward Weatherall is a well respected B2B marketer and the managing director of Concep in London. Michael Leander talked to him outside a small café in London.

The talk centered around marketing of professional services and how lawyers and accounting firms can take advantage of social media and other marketing instruments.

Check out the video and meet a really interesting person

Michael Leander meets Edward Weatherall in London from Michael Leander on Vimeo.

You can learn more about Concep here

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Michael Leander talks to Chris Catchpole in London

Michael Leander meets Chris Catchpole in London from Michael Leander on Vimeo.

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