Customer segmentation the easy way: Finding your Twins

Customer segmentation is an interesting topic for many sales- and marketing organizations. And it is a much debated topic which often is handled incorrectly as organizations are trying to put groups of customers in little neat boxes. Here is our take on customer segmentation – finding your Twins.

Four monkeys and a whitepaper about marketing experimentation

The story of the four monkeys has a lot to do with marketing experimentation. Or rather why so few organizations embrace it.

Quick guide to marketing automation: Getting started

Getting started with marketing automation requires a thought process and a well engineered plan. In this article Michael Leander cover some of the elements you need to take into consideration to get started with automating marketing processes and work-flows

Google Insights lets you know what’s hot on Google Search with a quick case study

Tool to discover what do people search in your category, your country, your region, your industry or whatever segment of internet searches you are looking for on Google