michael leander in dubai at the mall with npario

Data is the new oil: Refine, unsilo your data to better understand buyer intent

In this video interview Michael Leander talked to Nayef Hijazi from nPario about data and how important it is to be able to refine data and use data proactively to improve your marketing efforts

Delivering effective marketing and advertising messages requires deep understanding of consumer intent. Getting access to consumer intent insight that allow organizations to acquire the right customers, deliver relevant messages, measure campaign performance and optimize campaign effectiveness in real time is critical now and in the near future.

And that is some of the areas touched upon by Nayef Hijazi in this interview from Dubai with Michael Leander.

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Delivering the right content, service or ad to the right audience is key for Internet content and service providers. Whether you are trying to attract more viewers to your site to promote your products, or increase revenue from third party advertisers, marketers need solutions that can capture, understand and act on consumers’ intent.

See the interview about and get an understanding of why data is the new oil.  

Who is nPario?
nPario Insights is a suite of self-serve applications that allows product and marketing managers to extract value out of vast amounts of data by enabling: Sophisticated audience segmentation Precise targeting based on demographic, behavioral, usage and search variables Campaign performance analysis Churn analysis Optimization

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