Email marketing to social media campaign case study: Nice try or not?

A lot of marketers are currently struggling to find ways to integrate email marketing and social media. We see quite a few attempts, however not all are equally impressive. Here is one case study which we applaud for their effort, but we aren’t sure that this is the way to do it. Michael Leander reports

Having stayed Radisson Edwardian Hotels in London on several occasions, I am of course signed up to their newsletter. A few days ago I received an invitation to participate in a contest. After clicking away, I was taken to a page on Facebook. To participate in the competition, it said, I was forced to “like” the Radisson Edwardian Facebook page.

Since I take a professional interest in email marketing and social media marketing, I liked the page while thinking “that’s odd – they are tricking me into becoming a fan of their page, although all I want is to win a weekend in London”. You can see the actual flow of the campaign in the presentation above (we recommend to view in full mode).

Good or bad marketing?
The question I ask myself is: is this good or bad marketing? I haven’t talked to the good people at Radisson, however I feel confident that they would tell me that the number of followers on Facebook have increased quite a bit. And that was probably their objective. But the real question here is; how do Radisson customers feel about being tricked into liking a page when all they really wanted was to win a weekend stay at one of the reasonable Radisson Edwardian Hotels in London.

What do you think? Please voice your opinion in the comment box or send me an email.

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