CMO Trends 2010 numbers and insight about the past and future

For three years we have been surveying Chief Marketing Officer’s in Europe and the Middle East. See a summary of the most recent survey below and participate in the current survey here.

The latest CMO Trends 2010 report saw more than 450 CMO’s and brand managers completing the survey. The majority of them reside in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the United Kingdom, but with a significant increase in response from the Scandinavian countries as well as Benelux.

94,5% of the CMO’s surveyed are responsible for making strategic decisions concerning marketing, which tells us that we have attracted the right target group, namely those whom are acting as head of marketing – the ultimate decisionmaker in the marketing silo in organizations.

One thing is what you say you will do…
and what you actually do, is often something entirely different. Same for the respondents to the CMO Trends 2010 survey. In 2008 CMO’s said the use of direct mail in 2009 would decrease quite dramatically in favor of digital marketing instruments.  But this did not materialize, as direct mail came in as the third most widely used marketing instrument in 2009. See the slides for more details.

For 2010 top 3 includes no surprises
Email newsletters, conferences/events and social networks are projected to be the three most commonly used marketing vehicles to meet marketing objectives. Search engines and online content sites remain steadily at around the same usage as previous years. But once again direct mail drops outside of top 5. But this writer would not be surprised if we once again will see direct mail climb to top 5 when the survey for 2011 is released early next year.

What else can you find in the survey?
CMO Trends 2010 also uncovers reasons for impending or past cuts in marketing budget, the ROI measurement priorities, the need for further education or training in marketing departments and much more. Check the slide deck in full screen view mode.

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