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Control room for monitoring and reacting to real-time marketing

Working with social media and other direct and interactive marketing channels, we realize that that the social media game need to be approached much differently in order to make sense. The new name of the game is real-time marketing. It encompasses so much more than just (social media) marketing. We’ll try to cover the real-time marketing area with more indepth articles and videos in the near future. But for starters here is an uplifting story we found over at Mashable for your perusal.

Mashable reports that a new effort behind the scenes of Gatorade – the PepsiCo-owned sports drink maker  – is putting social media quite literally at the center of the way Gatorade approaches marketing.

The company has created the Gatorade Mission Control Center inside of its Chicago headquarters, a room that sits in the middle of the marketing department and could best be thought of as a war room for monitoring the brand in real-time across social media.

A few success stories about campaign monitoring
Gatorade’s Sr. Marketing Director, Consumer & Shopper Engagement Carla Hassan offered a few success stories, starting with the company’s monitoring of its “Gatorade has evolved” campaign. The commercials featured a song by rap artist David Banner, which, Mission Control quickly saw was being heavily discussed in social media. Within 24 hours, they had worked with Banner to put out a full-length version of the song and distribute it to Gatorade followers and fans on Twitter and Facebook, respectively.

The goal of the project, says Hassan, is to “take the largest sports brand in the world and turn it into largest participatory brand in the world.” To that end, the company’s not only monitoring its brand on social media, but giving its fans increased access to its athletes and scientists.

Get the full story over at Mashable

–>  Stay tune for more stories about Real Time Marketing

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2 out of 5 judges wear a hat at Inis email marketing template competition

Email marketing in Poland is taking off. And entry level Email Service Provider Inis – a subsidiary of SARE – have launched a competition for the best email newsletter template. Michael Leander was asked to judge the show.

Inis Poland Email Marketing Contest JudgesAs you can see from the picture on this page, 2 out of 5 email marketing judges wear a hat. But that is not the only interesting part about the email marketing template competition launched by Inis. In our opinion Inis is showing initiative and drawing email marketers attention to the fact that the template matters. And it does. But what matters even more is the willingness to test different email marketing newsletter templates.

Judges panel comprising accomplished Polish marketers
Michael Leander has accepted to help Inis find the winners by judging the short list. On the judges panel you also find Maciej Budzich, Marcin Maciończyk, Dawid Szczepaniak and Roman Grygierek. A strong judges panel with a good balance of experience.

Says Michael Leander “I am looking forward to see the short list and to learn even more about what Polish marketers are doing in this space. This is a great initiative from Inis and I hope we will be able to show the winners on our web pages sometime later this year”

Learn more about the competition here and check Markedu’s permission marketing report for Poland (in English)

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Rockmelt social media browser quick review by Michael Leander

Yesterday Fredrik Abildtrup over at TeleFaction showed kindness by inviting me to start using Rockmelt – the new social media browser. Here is a quick review of what the buzz is all about.

Social media is driving a tremendous amount of innovations in the world of the internet. Rockmelt is an interesting project. Based on the Chromium Open Source project, which the Google Chrome browser also is based upon, the company behind it all is backed by Marc Andreassen whom you may remember was the founder of Netscape – one of the first browsers ever.

Here is why I like it
Rockmelt allows you to integrate Facebook activities seamlessly into the browser. In fact moments after I installed it, a Facebook chat appeared directly in the Rockmelt browser from one of my good Facebook contacts. I thought that was a nice feature.

I also like the advanced RSS feed to browser feature. It gives a good overview of the conversation going on in channels such as Twitter, marketing blogs etc.

Watch the video on this page to learn more. If you want to stay updated for more like this, feel free to subscribe to our newsletter. It’s all about marketing and social media and we’ll try not to disappoint you.

You can find more information about in the video above and here

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Michael Leander is a marketing guru !

At least three people now think of me (Michael Leander) as a marketing guru. One is my mother. The other is my beautiful sister. And most recently the very capable senior brand manager Mr. Bassem Abdul Ghany from Cadbury Egypt referred to me as marketing guru.

First I believe a “thank you, I am honored” is in order to Mr. Ghany. (the image above shows you the evidence). Secondly, I should confess that more people have referred to me as guru. However most of them have done so to sell my expertise in conjunction with seminars, conferences and training sessions.

And I have always been on the defensive about that word. Because I believe many have a tendency to either use it wrongly, or interpret it wrongly. But as always, Wikipedia is a great help to clear up any misunderstandings. (And if you don’t believe in Wikipedia, just check your favorite English dictionary).

Wikipedia explains the definition of a guru as such:

“A guru (Sanskrit: गुरु) is one who is regarded as having great knowledge, wisdom and authority in a certain area, and who uses it to guide others (teacher)”

and I cannot deny that I have a bit of knowledge about marketing. And it is certainly true that I do try my best to guide others and act as a teacher and trainer.

So I hereby accept that I am indeed a marketing guru and merely hope that my many Scandinavian friends will not send me to many emails reciting “Janteloven”.

If you want to follow Bassem Abdul Ghany on twitter you can do that here

CMO Trends 2010 numbers and insight about the past and future

For three years we have been surveying Chief Marketing Officer’s in Europe and the Middle East. See a summary of the most recent survey below and participate in the current survey here.

The latest CMO Trends 2010 report saw more than 450 CMO’s and brand managers completing the survey. The majority of them reside in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the United Kingdom, but with a significant increase in response from the Scandinavian countries as well as Benelux.

94,5% of the CMO’s surveyed are responsible for making strategic decisions concerning marketing, which tells us that we have attracted the right target group, namely those whom are acting as head of marketing – the ultimate decisionmaker in the marketing silo in organizations.

One thing is what you say you will do…
and what you actually do, is often something entirely different. Same for the respondents to the CMO Trends 2010 survey. In 2008 CMO’s said the use of direct mail in 2009 would decrease quite dramatically in favor of digital marketing instruments.  But this did not materialize, as direct mail came in as the third most widely used marketing instrument in 2009. See the slides for more details.

For 2010 top 3 includes no surprises
Email newsletters, conferences/events and social networks are projected to be the three most commonly used marketing vehicles to meet marketing objectives. Search engines and online content sites remain steadily at around the same usage as previous years. But once again direct mail drops outside of top 5. But this writer would not be surprised if we once again will see direct mail climb to top 5 when the survey for 2011 is released early next year.

What else can you find in the survey?
CMO Trends 2010 also uncovers reasons for impending or past cuts in marketing budget, the ROI measurement priorities, the need for further education or training in marketing departments and much more. Check the slide deck in full screen view mode.

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Direct Marketing Daily and other Twitter Dailyes

Recently we came across a new interesting development in the world of #Twitter; the daily. Here is how it works and why it is interesting.

Residing on the easy-to-remember url this solution lets you create a summary of tweets in different ways. The results, as you can see in the image, is a nice newspaper style summary page complete with navigation to subcategories.

Why should you care?
Well, we find that being able to summarize stories from a selected topic, from selected lists or from a specific tag such as #directmarketing provides a quick overview of relevant stories for the day and an easy way of navigating to stories of particular interest.

It’s a start-up, it’s Swiss and we think this is going to be interesting was developed by Swiss based startup Small Rivers and co-founded by Edouard Lambelet and Iskander Pols, the company is focused on facilitating the discovery of relevant content and other people of interest on the web. is their latest development, and – by their own account – by far the most promising.

When consulting and speaking, we often hear from marketers who want to learn about new tips and tricks relating to direct marketing and digital marketing.  We think this could be useful for some of ya’ll.

We made our own Direct Marketing Daily and it took all of 30 seconds. The result is here:

And if you want more of this stuff, Michael Leander Company Newsletter frequently tells about our little discoveries from the world of social media. Stay in the loop – get your newsletter here

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Belgium email marketing: All metrics declining says IAB Belgium

IAB Belgium are doing a good job of helping marketers understand digital. In their recent Email Marketing Benchmark Belgium report they share insights from the state of email marketing in Belgium. The results are not surprising.

In the report (see summary of it below), IAB concludes that Delivery rates, open rates and click-through rates are declining compared to 2009. Smartly dividing the email marketing activities into four primary groups of activities, IAB Belgium provides insights as follows.

For commercial emails, delivery rate and open rate have decreased from 2009 to 2010. Unique click through rates (CTR) declined from 4,9 to 4,7%.

The same is true for email newsletters where all metrics saw significant decrease with unique CTR decreasing from 9,4% in 2009 to 8,1% in 2010. It is worth noting, though, that newsletters still are enjoying a much higher CTR than commercial emails. To some obvious, but still nice to get that verified in my opinion. And the question we are all dying to get answered; “what about conversion to buy ratio” – is not covered in this blog-post, but you might want to contact IAB Belgium to see if they have any data about that.

Contest (or sweepstakes/competition) emails have seen a major decrease in both open rate (from 23,3 to 14,2%) and click through rate. The latter by 50% from 8,6% to 4% in 2010. That is a really significant downfall and so one has to be careful by stating “contests almost always work”, as this email marketing trainer often do.

Finally there is hope. Press releases distributed by email in Belgium, seem to be going against the trend with significant improvements from 2009 to 2010 in open rate and unique click through rates. Might that simply be because more players are using email to distribute press releases?

If you want to learn more about how you can beat these numbers, you might want to consider attending Markedu’s Email Marketing Masterclass coming up in Brussels. Find more information here. мгновенные займы на карту без проверок

Email marketing to social media campaign case study: Nice try or not?

A lot of marketers are currently struggling to find ways to integrate email marketing and social media. We see quite a few attempts, however not all are equally impressive. Here is one case study which we applaud for their effort, but we aren’t sure that this is the way to do it. Michael Leander reports

Having stayed Radisson Edwardian Hotels in London on several occasions, I am of course signed up to their newsletter. A few days ago I received an invitation to participate in a contest. After clicking away, I was taken to a page on Facebook. To participate in the competition, it said, I was forced to “like” the Radisson Edwardian Facebook page.

Since I take a professional interest in email marketing and social media marketing, I liked the page while thinking “that’s odd – they are tricking me into becoming a fan of their page, although all I want is to win a weekend in London”. You can see the actual flow of the campaign in the presentation above (we recommend to view in full mode).

Good or bad marketing?
The question I ask myself is: is this good or bad marketing? I haven’t talked to the good people at Radisson, however I feel confident that they would tell me that the number of followers on Facebook have increased quite a bit. And that was probably their objective. But the real question here is; how do Radisson customers feel about being tricked into liking a page when all they really wanted was to win a weekend stay at one of the reasonable Radisson Edwardian Hotels in London.

What do you think? Please voice your opinion in the comment box or send me an email.

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Interview with Piotr Pokrzywa of SMB – the Polish Direct Marketing Association

Markedu organized the Email Marketing Masterclass in Warsaw which was kindly supported by SMB – the Polish Direct Marketing Association. I used the opportunity to interview Piotr Pokrzywa who is the General Director of the Polish Direct Marketing Association.

With a population of more than 38 million people, Poland’s high-income economy is considered to be one of the healthiest of the post-communist countries and is currently one of the fastest growing within the EU.  Poland is the only member of the European Union to have avoided a decline in GDP during the late 2000s recession. In 2009 Poland has had the highest GDP growth in the EU.

Having presented digital and direct marketing topics in Poland several times,I recognize that direct marketing in Poland seem to be quite developed and Polish marketers are quickly embracing digital marketing.

But as an outsider it is easy to form opinions based on hear-say and personal impressions. So I asked Mr. Pokrzywa about his opinion of  the state of direct and digital marketing in Poland. Watch the video to see what he had to say.

Relevant marketing resources for you:

» If you want to know more about the state of permission marketing in Poland, go here to get Markedu’s report free of charge.

» If you are interested in learning more about membership of the SMB, go here

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That was a hit! 100% will recommend Email Marketing Masterclass in Warsaw

The recent Email Marketing Masterclass with Michael Leander in Warsaw appeared to have been a hit. Organized by Markedu in association with SARE and SMB the event was part of the Email Marketing Masterclass Tour.

Held at the Radisson Hotel in Warsaw, the Email Marketing Masterclass attracted top Polish marketers from many different industries. Apart from Michael Leander’s presentation, the event also saw highly interesting presentations from Piotr Pokrzywa – Managing Director of SMB and Krzysztof Debowski – managing director of leading Polish email marketing service provider SARE.

The event evaluation survey showed that 100% of the delegates will recommend the event.

Certificate ceremony
In the video you can see the certificate ceremony which around 50% of the attendees took part in.

Speaker ratings once again high
Scoring a whopping 6,63 out of 7,00 on expertise, the attendees at the Email Marketing Masterclass in Poland, confirmed that Michael Leander undoubtedly is an expert in the email marketing space. Although he was suffering from a bad influenza, Michael Leander scored 6,47 on presentation skills and 6,16 on the contents of the presentation.

Says Michael Leander: “I am very pleased with the event. And quite happy that it attracted marketers from different industries. I found that the combination of the Polish case study presented by mr. Debowski and the insights into the permission marketing legislation provided by mr. Pokrzywa was a good way to complement the email marketing masterclass”.

The Email Marketing Masterclass continues the tour
The Email Marketing Masterclass by Markedu continues the tour. Next stops are Madrid, Barcelona and Brussels before the tour moves on to the Middle East and North Africa.

You can learn more about the Email Marketing Masterclass Tour here самый быстрый займ с плохой кредитной системой