New B2B Marketing Survey: Complete and Get the Result

Introducing the 2012 B2B Demand Generation Benchmark Project Have you ever wondered what demand-generation channels your peers find most successful? Will they be spending more or less on leads next year, and for what channels? Get these questions answered by answering the survey found here Research firm  Software Advice launched a survey to answer these […]

A glimpse into the future: Digital glass displays

Cornings updated version of their “A day made of Glass” providing a glimpse into a very exciting yet perhaps slightly frightening future. Watch the video and do please share your thoughts. What would a future like this mean for marketers? Would these scenarious give new opportunities for permission marketers? Would marketers be required to change […]

HTK Horizon new player in multi-channel marketing automation space

HTK Horizon launches new solution for multi-channel marketing automation including email marketing, mobile and IVR capabilities.

Data is the new oil: Refine, unsilo your data to better understand buyer intent

Michael Leander interviewed Nayef Hijazi from npario in Dubai. Listen to the talk about data as the new oil

Do CMO’s finally understand and care about the science too?

Interesting, but expected data from IBM’s Global CMO Study entitled “From Stretched to Strengthened: Insights from the Global Chief Marketing Officer Study” reveals a four (critical) areas that CMO’s aren’t prepared for.

2 interesting loyalty marketing articles from The Loyalty Magazine

If you are into loyalty marketing, retention, loyalty programs and customer centric thinking, then these two articles may be interesting to you

How pharmaceutical and healthcare companies create a winning digital marketing strategy, Part 1

Michael Leander talks about digital marketing in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries in this article first published at Pharma Conferences by BBM

NEW REPORT: The Global Email Deliverability Report from Return Path

Return Path launches Deliverability Report containing data from 149 ISP’s. Important reading for email marketers. You can get this insightful email marketing deliverability report at no cost to you

Social media marketing with highest ROI

Social Media Marketing ROI – or Return on Marketing Investment from social media activities is finding increased importance amongst CMO’s. This graph shows which social media channels are perceived best at providing marketing ROI

3 things that could put email marketers out of business and how to overcome them

Email marketers need to find a way out of their sender-controlled silo to take a recipient driven multi-channel marketing approach. Michael Leander explains why. This article was first published at the UK DMA Email Marketing Blog If your situation is like most email marketers, you may recognize the following facts to be true: – Click-through-rates […]

Supporting the Email Marketing Day @ Your Desk

The Email Marketing Day is a one day online event all about email marketing & marketing automation. Michael Leander Company supports the event. Meet presenters such as Alastair Tempest, Drayton Bird and many others

Marketing automation: B2B organizations losing upwards of 10 percent of revenue per year

Lauren Carlson discusses the lack of skills in marketing automation and why that can cost B2B organizations upwards of 10% revenue each year. While the software to automate marketing is available, marketers seem not to have embraced the technology fully.

Customer segmentation the easy way: Finding your Twins

Customer segmentation is an interesting topic for many sales- and marketing organizations. And it is a much debated topic which often is handled incorrectly as organizations are trying to put groups of customers in little neat boxes. Here is our take on customer segmentation – finding your Twins.

A Look at Marketing Automation: Is VC Funding the Best Strategy?

CRM market analyst Lauren Carlson of Texas based Software Advice sent me an interesting article about funding of marketing automation vendors. I find that the financials of marketing automation software vendors makes an interesting read. Read this excerpt and find a link below to Lauren’s website for the full text Marketing automation software is still […]

Four monkeys and a whitepaper about marketing experimentation

The story of the four monkeys has a lot to do with marketing experimentation. Or rather why so few organizations embrace it.