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Increase your direct & digital marketing results

With a focus on multichannel marketing automation you can engage Michael Leander Company to increase your results from all of your digital & direct marketing channels including email marketing, mobile marketing, IVR, social media, inbound and outbound.

Complete email marketing services gets you results

Offering a complete suite of email marketing services: campaign strategy, developing content concepts, segmentation, creative tests, deliverability improvement and implementation and outsourced services we are geared towards improving your results – nothing else. Go here to see how we can get started or – if you are in a hurry – get our newsletter here


Get more from your social media marketing activities

Want a short-cut to get more from your social media marketing activities fast? Look no further. Utilizing a proven 5 step methodology Michael Leander Company can assist you get your social media marketing activities off to a quick start. Go here now to see a list of our social media marketing services


Helping you get the best results

Want to improve your email marketing open rate? Thinking about automating marketing processes? Want to win back more customers? Increase retention? Improve the customer engagement in all touch points? Talk to us to learn how we can help you get the best results


360º Dialogue Marketing Brief

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