Improve customer engagement with marketing automation

Automating marketing processes to improve customer engagement is a highly effective method to improve your Return on Marketing Investment. Get in touch to get the know-how and inspiration that will turn your marketing numbers around.

New B2B Marketing Survey: Complete and Get the Result
Looking for new opportunities? Discover the Horizon Workshop

A Discover the Horizon Workshop is an intense and effective way to discover new marketing opportunities for your organization. Focused on results you get 1, 2 or 3 days with an expert marketing automation professional

New B2B Marketing Survey: Complete and Get the Result
Email marketing success impacts sales and retention

Get more from your email marketing efforts to increase sales and customer retention with our tailored email marketing expert solutions. From concept to execution, you are in good hands with Europe’s leading email marketing experts.

New B2B Marketing Survey: Complete and Get the Result
Want to know how to get value from social media?

Cutting through the clutter in social media requires a focused and realistic approach. Let’s explore how your organization can leverage social media marketing to increase lead inflow and improve the customer experience.

New B2B Marketing Survey: Complete and Get the Result

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360 Dialogue Brief

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Download free marketing reports

Understanding the mechanisms that drive direct & digital marketing success is important to us. That’s why Michael Leander Company regularly publish marketing research. You can get your hands on our research at no cost to you.


Discover Horizon Workshop

A Discover the Horizon Marketing Workshop lets you understand what can be done, what you should be doing and how that will impact your marketing results. Facilitated by our marketing automation experts a workshop puts you on the fast track to solid results.

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